Virtual Visual Performance Management:
Unique Stand Up Meeting Solution

Virtual Visual Performance Management is the first of a range of pragmatic supply chain digitalisation solutions that add efficiency and integrity in the way you analyse, visualise and ensure accountability through the use of Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Play the video below to see the main features and benefits of this unique new system.

Operating through Teams and Microsoft 365, we overcome the physical challenge of collecting data, populating Tier boards and raising and addressing issues whilst working remotely.


Iter’s system reduces cost and adds operational efficiency to your daily management process. It provides a clear, accurate, up to date visualisation of your operational performance.

Once data is entered, performance boards are directly populated with performance measures. These are consolidated as you move up the tier process and links directly to your problem solving and accountability processes

For the first time, you can performance manage your Performance Management process. As all your activity is automatically captured and analysed.

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