A Unique Stand Up Meeting Solution

Virtual Visual Performance Management

Restore the effectiveness of your Stand-Up meetings. Our Virtual VPM uses Microsoft Teams and M365 to provide a blended on-site/off-site stand up meeting process

Virtual Visual Performance Management is the first element of digitalising your production system. Virtual VPM provides a step change in the rigour and efficiency of your daily use of Metrics Boards and Accountability Board and provides a radical new way to ensure global consistency in how you analyse, visualise and ensure accountability through the use of Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Social distancing with improved stand up capability
Reduced cost and a shift of effort from collecting data to analysing and using it to drive improvement
Performance management of your stand up process that enhances compliance and performance

"Iter Consulting consistently ‘rolled up their sleeves’ to help us with detailed and technical work required to achieve sustainable change."

Benefits of a Unique Stand Up Meeting Solution

Reduced Costs

Social Distancing

Single Click Task Management

Our system provides a clear, accurate, up to date visualisation of your operational performance using Microsoft 365 and Teams, improving performance and reducing the cost and integrity of data collection and use.

You can raise, assign, escalate or close tasks with a single click.  Tasks are then added automatically to your to do list in Teams and exported directly to your problem solving process.

The need for social distancing has changed everything.  Tackling the inability to have daily in-person stand up meetings, we have developed a unique virtual stand up meeting system that doesn't compromise process integrity.

Immediate Data Capture

Performance Management

Remote and On-site Access

Once data is entered, performance boards are populated with performance measures. These are consolidated as you move up the tier process and link directly to your problem solving and accountability processes.  

For the first time you can performance manage your performance management process.  All activity is automatically captured and analysed and accountabilities are raised and viewed electronically.

You can access our system via any device whether working remotely or on-site allowing you to benefit from the digitalised system wherever you are, overcoming the physical limitations of managing your process.

An Integrated Approach to Visual Performance Management

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A Unique Stand Up Meeting Solution

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