Supply and Demand Planning

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As markets fragment and supply chains become more complex, effective demand and supply planning is more challenging and more business critical. It is central to effective Integrated Business Planning and the profitable delivery of all your customer commitments.

Iter uses AI based modelling to segment demand and define demand and supply planning strategies that deliver your customer commitment and optimise the efficiency of manufacturing and distribution through existing or new operating models.



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Effective supply and demand planning optimises the service to all customers and the use of available manufacturing capacity, delivering the following benefits:


Working Capital Service Operating Costs
Inventory minimised to deliver customer commitment whilst enabling efficient production. Supply plans focused on delivering or exceeding all customer commitments Planning strategies, and operating models maximising efficiency and cost of manufacture and distribution



Our approach models and segments demand to provide the insight needed to define demand and supply planning strategies as the core of your IBP or S&OP process. The analysis is supported by understanding how:

  • Global and local planning decision are made an execute
  • The strengths and limitations of the current S&OP/IBP process review
  • The configuration and of Supply and demand planning system enables or inhibits supply chain optimisation
  • Strategic and tactical use inventory across your supply chains

Case Studies

See how Iter supported GE Healthcare in understanding and optimising their Cost to Serve.

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