Strategic Inventory Optimisation

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The strategic positioning and tactical profiling of inventory at all stages from raw material to finished goods “lubricates” the operation of your OE and aftermarket supply chains enabling you to balance working capital and operating cost in profitability meeting all customer requirements.

Iters multi echelon inventory modelling provides SKU level inventory health and optimisation re that improves availability and reduces overall inventory and obsolescence risk. It also provides a process that allows this optimisation to be maintained as demand patterns and routes to market change.


Strategic Inventory Optimisation diagram

Inventory optimisation will sustainably improve your inventory health across all your supply chains and routes to market and deliver the following benefits:


Working Capital Service Operating Costs
Supply chain inventory the minimum required to consistently deliver your customer commitments Profiled inventory to meet the range of commitments to every customer Optimised throughout the manufacturing and logistic supply chain to maximise operational efficiency



Our approach profiles demand and the resupply process for each SKU at each location in your supply chains as the basis for optimising your inventory requirements. To understand the wider operational implications and requirements for delivering a resilient inventory management process we will understand how:

  • Physical stocking and resupply methods operate– VMI, Kanban, Consignment etc.
  • The control and review process through your ERP systems
  • Decision authority and the requirements for the designed profile

Case Studies

See how Iter supported Edwards Vacuum in optimising their aftermarket supply chain.

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