Production System Implementation

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Maximising supply chain effectiveness through a globally implemented Production System creates standard working approaches based on Lean best practice and a Culture of Continuous Improvement. This ensures a relentless focus on supply chain efficiency and enable product and processes to be easily re-located if cost to serve dynamics change

Iters structured Production System Design blends analytics, observation and audit to create a single objective understanding of the strengths and limitations of core supply chain, the introduction of new products and their management through their life cycle, and how effectively demand is planned and executed through the operating model


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Production systems are designed to maximise the effectiveness and deliver sustainable benefit in all three aspects of supply chain optimisation:

Working Capital Service Operating Costs
The key lean principle of the elimination of waste will ensure minimum working capital consistent with resilient supply Global standard ways of working that are focused on delivering all customer commitments and provide the flexibility to locate capacity to improve service as well as cost Lean best practice optimising the effectiveness of the operating model, which is continually optimised through a CI culture and focus



Our structured site and global process assessment uses all or some of the elements below that together provide the basis for the creation and delivery of a global production system are:

  • Value Stream / Process Mapping of key global supply chain
  • Lean / Operational Excellence Audits
  • NPI process introduction and Design for Manufacture/Test/service Review
  • Automation and robotics assessment
  • S&OP / IBP, demand and supply planning process reviews
  • Cultural and CI review
  • Key stakeholder interviews / discussions

Case Studies

See how Iter supported Hollister Incorporated in optimising their Operating Model

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