Maximising Supply Chain Effectiveness as we Transition to a Post Covid World

by Tim Richardson | Iter Insights

Walking into a Post Covid World

maximising supply chain effectiveness post covid19

“We have been considered and acted like second class citizens. Supply chain is now at the top table and we need to up our game.”

This comment from one of our clients vividly describes how Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of effective supply chains. Whatever challenge, opportunity or threat that Covid-19 has brought, your supply chains will not be the same in the future.

As we return to work and move to a “new normal”, how clearly do you understand how your supply chain operated during Covid-19 and more importantly why? Was performance down to luck, hard work or good design? To move confidently forward you need to learn the lessons and tactically and strategically challenge the way that you plan, structure and operate your supply chain.

Iter is leading a consortium of supply chain specialists and data analysts that will capture learning from Covid-19 and provide the insights that to enable you to re-define your approaches to the “new normal”, and re-optimise supply chain effectiveness and resilience.

Combining AI-based analytics with qualitative research and focused deep dives we will uniquely capture your Covid-19 experience and bring an objective, dispassionate understanding of how to reshape and re-optimise your supply chain management and operation in the short, medium and longer-term.


In doing this we will:

  • Model the changes in overall demand and their drivers
  • Identify how this impacted on specific segments, customers or product portfolios
  • Understand how quickly and effectively changes in demand were matched to supply plans and how this impacted key customers and product groups
  • Analyse factory and supplier performance in supporting supply chain KPIs
  • Evaluate your organisation and planning system strengths and weaknesses in adapting to the changed environment
  • Capture the lived experience of your organisation – the people in it and the people that support it

And deliver:

  • Improved short-term supply chain structures and operations
  • Strategic supply chain insight into your strategy design and operations, re-balancing cost, working capital and service for the “new normal”
  • Mechanisms, approaches and principles to provide resilience against another major shock to supply chains


Tim Richardson
Development Director

Iter Consulting