Manufacturing & Aftermarket Supply Chain Strategy

Central to every manufacturing and aftermarket value chain is a supply chain strategy that optimises the “cost to serve” through:

  • Objectively locating and profiling inventory from raw material to finished goods
  • Moving inventory across the supply chain in line with the drum beat of demand
  • Operating at the Lowest cost whilst providing the flexibility and agility required

With low cost manufacturing locations, a global supply base and global markets the flow of material through your supply chain is strategically important and not just a cost to be minimised.

Using our structured Supply Chain Strategy development approach, we will build an integrated SKU level model quantifying the inventory effectiveness at every formal and informal stock holding location. We will also ensure that we understand how the current supply chain has evolved and is operating by reviewing:

  • Inventory sizing and positioning approaches
  • Material planning philosophies and tools
  • Use of differing ownership models (VMI / Consignment stock)
  • Network locations, flow volumes and costs

Working as part of an integrated project team and using this understanding, we will validate the “as is” supply chain capability and define strategic optimisation options. Through a series of collaborative workshops and iterative modelling a single implementable strategy will be agreed that:

  • Optimises the “cost to serve” in line with operational and market requirements
  • Demand Segmentation
  • Fully utilises differing ownership models
  • Is executed using appropriate material planning philosophies, tools and processes

One of our core principles is “we will never design an approach that we wouldn’t implement and operate ourselves”. Therefore, we will be on hand as your implementation partner to plan and support your implementation.

Our track record is of simplified and better understood supply chains that improve service and reduce working capital.

See how we supported GE Healthcare and Edwards Vacuum on their journey’s.

Tim and his team quickly got under the skin of our global business and this helped to establish credibility in the team. By building the new model they helped us appreciate what the changes meant in terms of real business.

Ian Dale

Global Supply Chain Leader, GE Healthcare