Enabling Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing Optimiser

Enabling Manufacturing Excellence
Do you need actionable insights into why your manufacturing operations and lean initiatives are not developing as rapidly as you want or why one site is struggling, whilst one is roaring ahead?

Manufacturing Optimiser from Iter Consulting combines the knowledge and experience of senior lean professionals with the power of structured assessments that consider leadership, culture as well as the tools and techniques to help you to transform your manufacturing – rapidly and effectively.

Lessons learned from the last economic crisis

Are you struggling with:

Lean Adoption

+ Initiatives not sustaining

+ Old habits returning

+ Inconsistency between sites

Benefits Delivery

+ Working capital stubbornly high

+ Productivity not coming through

+ Lead-times and customer OTD not improving

+ Product quality not improving

Building the Right Culture

+ Leadership gaps within and between sites

+ Trusting and empowering all the talents

+ Lack of true ownership

+ Success not being recognised and rewarded

+ Lost of short-term initiatives, never sustaining

All these symptoms are easy to observe but are critical to the success of sustainable lean based improvement.

Manufacturing Optimiser by Iter Consulting can help

Manufacturing Optimiser from Iter Consulting uses our team of senior manufacturing consultants, all with “dirt under the fingernails” with a tiered and holistic assessment process that will quickly understand why manufacturing improvements are not coming through or one site is roaring ahead while another is struggling. With these insights we quickly work with you to build implementation plans that will reset or accelerate the pace of change in creating competitive advantage from the quality, cost and delivery performance of your manufacturing operations in as little as 6 weeks.

Are you looking to transform your operations?

Contact Jak Brown on 01483 912919 or email rob.howard@iterconsulting.co.uk to find out more. Alternatively, to book a 30-minute introductory discussion, complete the form below:

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Iter were selected because of their understanding of the best practice, their structured approach but most importantly, their depth and breadth of operational experience that would ensure that HPS would reflect the best practice, but be pragmatic and sunstainable.

Martin Murphy

Senior Director, Global Strategy , Hollister Inc

Tim provided us with a clear vision and were excellent in their support in turning the vision into a robust, well-managed project plan for improvement. This programme of activity has significantly improved the service we provide to our customers and the guidance and support Tim and his Team were critical in delivering this.

Zac Taormina

Manufacturing Excellence Manager, Johnson Matthey

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Enabling Manufacturing Excellence