Our Expertise

Strategic advantage is delivered from a supply chain when the service delivered exceeds customer expectations and the cost to serve is minimised, where overall cost to serve is minimised by balancing working capital and the operating cost and establishing the agility and supply resilience required. Everything Iter does to support its clients drives towards these objectives.

We can support you to optimise your Service, Working Capital and Operating Costs whether your focus is a single point in your supply chain or across your many global supply chains.

To get the strategic insight required our recommended first step is a Cost to Serve Analysis that:

  • Segments demand
  • Reveals true cost to serve for each demand segment
  • Identifies “solutions” that can be applied within segments or across supply chains
  • Sizes the Prize and priorities
  • Defines the Supply Chain transformation roadmap and business case

Delivering this can have many dimensions and we offer these through a set of integrated modular solutions that are tailored to your specific circumstances and objectives.

Iter's service solutions puzzle image

If your starting point and priorities are clear Iter the range off modular solutions can be delivered as individual approaches tailored to your specific circumstances.

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