Inventory Optimisation Goes to the Cloud

by Tim Richardson | Iter News

Inventory Optimisation Goes to the Cloud

inventory optimisation goes to cloud

Over the past few months Iter has successfully transferred its offline inventory optimisation tool to the cloud giving far greater ability to interrogate and visual ways to tactically or strategically optimise your inventory.

Together with our analytics partner AlignAlytics, we have fully integrated the tool with our Cost To Serve Model to provide a bottom up analysis that reflects the cost of complexity as a key element of cost to serve.

Managing working capital is critical in these challenging times and our inventory optimisation tool is a flexible and affordable way to do this. We would delighted to show you the full capability of the new cloud tools and if you are happy to provide us with your inventory data, we will model this, at our risk, to help you understand your inventory health and where opportunities exist to improve service and/or reduce the levels of working capital required to run your business.

Tim Richardson
Development Director

Iter Consulting