Cost To Serve Optimisation

Iter Consulting

Iter is a specialist supply chain consultancy working with major manufacturers to maximise the value and competitive advantage delivered through their supply chain.

Cost to Serve Optimisation

Optimising Cost to Serve sustainably maximises profitability by balancing working capital, operating cost and service for all products, in all channels, in every market.

We have successfully helped manufacturing organisations optimise their cost to serve by segmenting demand, matching operating models and production approaches. This includes Lean manufacturing and Lean production to segments and ensuring that demand, supply and inventory are aligned across supply chains.

The Benefits of Optimising Cost to Serve

Every supply chain is a balance of working capital, operating cost and the service delivered. By optimising Cost to Serve we balance these parameters:

  • Customer Experience. We segment demand into supply chains that efficiently delivers the service commitments to all customers. Strategically important and most profitable customers are prioritised without impacting negatively on anyone else.
  • Working Capital. As part of our Cost to Serve solution we ensure that inventory is minimised and is correctly positioned and profiled. Our track record is to reduce inventory and obsolescence risk whilst improving availability.
  • Operating Cost. We deploy planning strategies, operating models and optimise inventory to deliver agile operations whilst reducing the overall costs to serve.

Working with Iter

On every assignment we work in partnership with our clients in a way that is underpinned by the Iter Charter.

Our clients’ agenda is our only agenda and our aim is to bring the analysis and insight and through the use of experienced operational practitioners deliver pragmatic solutions in a way that sets a platform for ongoing improvement.