Working with manufacturing organisations to maximise the value derived from their supply chains

Welcome to Iter Consulting

Iter is a specialist supply chain consultancy working with manufacturing organisations to maximise the value and competitive advantage derived from their supply and value chains.

Our clients include global Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and advanced manufacturing companies who we support in the design and delivery of optimised:


Equally, we support the delivery of key individual elements in creating optimised value chains including:

  • Sales and Operations Planning / Integrated Business Planning
  • Demand Segmentation & Cost to Serve modelling
  • Operational Excellence
  • Lean / Six Sigma for factory and office environments
  • Inventory Management
  • Organisational Design
  • Network Design
  • Simulation Modelling and development of “Digital Twins”

Sustainable benefit is delivered through blending our operational and consultancy experience, your intimate knowledge of your business and the analytic capability of our technology partners.

Our mantra is that “we will never design a solution we wouldn’t implement and operate ourselves”. Therefore, you can be assured we are your journey’s partner from initial concept to delivery of a new “business as usual”.

Iter’s Journey

Iter literally means journey and we work on the principle that everything in life is a journey and that at times, we all need company to make the journey enjoyable and successful.

Iters’ Directors have shared a journey that has lasted over 35 years and its success is built on:

  • Shared values and beliefs.
  • Different but complementary skills.
  • Alternative ways of thinking, but common goals.

Most of all it has been sustained through the willingness to listen and understand others’ views and a passion to discover new things and ways of working.

On our journey, we have built methodologies, tools and a team dedicated to meeting our clients’ supply and value chain development needs. In short, we seek to understand our clients’ journeys and to support them wherever that journey takes them.

Why Journeys?

Like any journey, engagements with our clients:

  • Have a clear starting point and destination;
  • Focus on delivering clearly-defined, achievable benefits;
  • Provide opportunities to develop and share knowledge;
  • Build strong bonds of trust.

Before starting a major journey, you need to have the confidence in your travelling companions. We have taken great care in building our team of trusted associates with whom we have delivered many successful client solutions. Collectively we have the experience, empathy and understanding to enrich your journey and ensure its success.

Inevitably, not all journeys go to plan. When they don’t, our honesty, integrity and commitment give you confidence that we will lead you to a safe place and allows you to look forward to the next trip.

Our Approach

Each client journey is unique, as is the approach we develop. However, many of the challenges are similar and our structured solutions are designed as the starting point to address your unique needs.

Whatever the need, our approach, mindset and values in working with you remains the same. We:

  • Work in partnership to achieve your goals
  • Take time to understand the objectives and requirements in detail and provide necessary challenge
  • Break delivery into digestible chunks, manage risk, and deliver early benefit
  • Embed solutions that are clearly understood
  • Develop organisational capability, so that needing further support comes from choice, not necessity
  • Agree the right time to part at journey’s end

Even if we might like to believe it, we are not uniquely talented, and our delivery depends on high quality analysis and insight. We work in partnership with best-in-class providers of bespoke analytics and supply chain modelling and execution software including:

Our Charter

The principles we live by when working with you are summarised in the Iter Charter:

  • Bring no ego or agenda of our own;
  • Work with you to understand your concerns, ambitions and needs;
  • Obsessively follow the evidence to find the best approach and solution;
  • Constructively and discretely speak “truth to power”;
  • Deliver pragmatic, sustainable solutions, not quick fixes or the latest “silver bullet”;
  • Provide our best team with the right skills, knowledge and experience;
  • Share your journey as if it were our own;
  • Leave you empowered and more capable;
  • Be your provider of choice built on a relationship of mutual trust and respect;
  • Enjoy and celebrate your success.
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Case Studies

Every journey is different, but a flavour of how we have helped our clients is shown below

Owen Mumford Logo

Owen Mumford

Owen Mumford, a leading medical device design and manufacturing business, were experiencing high levels of variability in operational performance. Iter undertook a strategic review of internal and external supply chains, created a cost-to-serve model, quantified the limitations in the current operations and defined a transformation strategy. This has reduced operating cost and working capital whilst providing an improved and more reliable service to all customers.

GE Healthcare Case Study Logo

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare, a global leader in the supply of diagnostic pharmaceuticals, were struggling to balance the inventory required to support their market whilst meeting corporate working capital expectations. Modelling the “cost to serve” across the supply chain delivered a strategic positioning of stock and an operating model change that improved availability and flexibility whilst reducing working capital.

Edwards Case Study Logo


Edwards Vacuum’s Service business delivered inconsistent parts availability and carried high levels of stock and obsolescence risk. Our strategic supply chain design for this market-leading supplier of vacuum pumps statistically defined and deployed inventory across the network that delivered a step change in service, minimised risk and was the catalyst for rapid business growth.

case study hollister inc

Hollister Inc.

Hollister Incorporated is a major global supplier of Ostomy and Continence Care products. When a new manufacturing site was planned for Lithuania, Iter developed a lean based, global production standard that ensured best practice from day 1 in Lithuania and subsequently in all existing sites in Europe, North America and Asia.

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